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Top Tips for Organising an Event

By: Thomas Muller - Updated: 3 Apr 2012 | comments*Discuss
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Organising an event may seem like a scary and overwhelming task, but with good planning it needn’t be, and the rewards of a successful and memorable occasion will eclipse the efforts involved. Here are some basic top tips for organising a triumphant event.

Choose an Event that you will Enjoy

Successful events are organised by people who believe in the occasion and who want to put a smile on everybody’s face. They are also run so smoothly that not only do the visitors want to repeat the experiences, but organisers too.

When choosing an event, it therefore important something that you would enjoy attending. If you don’t like the occasion then the role will quickly become a chore and be evident to everybody.

Plan Carefully

Well organised events leave people with positive experiences and make them want to come back for more. Events that are poorly organised will probably still be remembered, but for the wrong reasons.

If an event is not carefully planned it will flounder. With event management it is not simply a case of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best – too much is at stake. One simple error regarding the organisation of such aspects as the toilet facilities or the catering might be secondary to the main event, but it could ruin the whole occasion for many people.

Consider drawing up an event manual or a calendar to chart let you and everybody involved know what needs to be done, by whom and when. This will also help you to chart your progress. It is useful to plan in reverse, by starting at the event date and working backwards.

Don’t Take on Too Much Work

Very few events are one-man missions, they are largely realised by people working together in a team headed by a manager or an active small committee. This is the most effective way because event organisation involves a great many different tasks, some occurring concurrently. The organisers should therefore not be afraid of getting as many people involved as they need. The less people have to multi-task and more they can focus on one job at a time, the less chance there is of something going wrong.

Budget Carefully

A key aspect of the event plan is the budget. The initial plan should be accompanied by an estimation of the total costs. This will enable you to firstly see whether the planned event is economically viable, and then whether you need to modify costs and plans, and how much funds need to be raised.

The basic budget plan needs to include all the expenses and the all money coming in to pay for them. To avoid any damaging financial mishaps, it should be diligently followed. Records of what has been paid for and when should be maintained, and receipts and invoices kept.


Timing is another vital factor in successful event organisation. The occasion needs to be planned for a date that gives you plenty time to plan and action it, and save any last minute panicking. The day must also be appropriate for the event type and its audience – if it’s aimed at children then school day afternoon would for instance not be advisable. It should also not clash with any other occasions that might steal its thunder and its attendees, such as a major sporting event.

Contingency Planning

Even if your plans are very sensible and thorough, you cannot anticipate everything, there is always the ‘what if…?’ It is therefore important not to overlook contingency planning, and consider a wide range of potential problems during the planning stage.

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I must say looking over your information has help me a lot. During this for the forst time has me scared, but i am doing this for a cause. To continue brining awareness to HIV/AIDS all over the world. Living with this disease for so long I feel the need to give someone out there a night to remember with any simulations. It is my hope that once I contact persons to donate they will open up there hearts and see that it is necessary. The only thing right now is the cost to this event, I just do not want to break even, but get enough to go on to phrase two. Thank you again
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