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How to Advertise Your Event

By: Jessica Shanahan - Updated: 23 Aug 2012 | comments*Discuss
How To Advertise Your Event

For an event to be successful, no matter what type it is, it needs to have plenty of guests attending and the only way to ensure that is to make sure your event is properly advertised and as many people know about it as possible.

There are many different advertising methods you can use, each depending on what kind of event you are hosting, who is your target audience and what your budget is.

Place an Advert

Newspapers, magazines and websites are the best platform to publicise your event if it is on a large scale or if it doesn’t have a specified guest list and is open to anyone. These methods are the most expensive way of publicising your event so are best only used when the budget is quite big.You could advertise in a local magazine if you are planning on targeting just those in the local area. Or if you are planning something on a larger scale then it may be worth looking into national magazines or newspapers.

Social Networking

In the past five years, social networking has taken off and become a huge online community with the creation of websites such as twitter and facebook and these can be a free and very effective way of advertising your event. Almost like a domino effect, getting people to “retweet” your event or join a group on facebook and invite their friends gives you the potential to reach thousands of people in a short space of time and all for free. Social networking is a good advertising tool as it can be used for local, national or personal events.

Facebook also offers a great advertising tool. You can set your own budget and you can target very specific groups of people depending on where they live, what music they like and who they are friends with.


Printing flyers is another good way of advertising an event, especially if it is on a more local scale. It is a cheaper alternative to placing an advert in a newspaper and has the potential to reach the same amount of people if done well. Flyers or posters can be displayed in local business or even posted to residential areas depending on the target audience.

Alternative Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a popular way of promoting events, especially for businesses and is really effective when promoting an event for young people or just to attract general attention. Viral videos, clean graffiti and public stunts are just a few examples of how companies put guerrilla marketing to good use. It can be very successful as it makes your campaign stand out from the rest and makes your event seem different, cool and edgy. It works really well if it is suited to your target audience.

No matter how you decide to advertise your event, the key thing to remember is to focus on your theme, audience and budget. It is important to make as many people as possible aware of your event in order to make it as big a success as possible.

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We have huge music festival,grounds booked etc bands fairground etc but headlining bands are asking for huge deposits? we are going to advertise for local business sponsors for a set band to be sponsered by them any other ideas??? Large beer companies water etc how do you approach apart from your email going to there spam/trash??? THANX
lord b - 23-Aug-12 @ 7:27 AM
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